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Guest for a lifetime


The burrneshë or burrnesha (plural burrneshat – from the word burrë, man) is a woman who has made a vote to remain a virgin for her whole life. These women cut their hair short and wear men’s clothing. They also behave as “normal” men do, smoking, drinking and spitting on the floor. Many of them are now elderly and they no longer need to wear a mask of virility because their goal has been achieved: to be afforded the respect that is due to honourable men. But some burrneshë like Gijn or Gjystina, what can they do now that they have remained completely alone?

Documentaire en co-production avec Storytellas, Italie.

Auteur : Paola Favoino et Annalisa Giaccari

Réalisatrice : Paola Faviono

Genre : Découverte, anthropologie

“Stealing is the most difficult craft in the world and like any other job it should be done in a workmanlike manner.”

This is the story of Vincenzo Pipino a man who devoted his life to the art of stealing. Born and raised in the wonderful and historic city of Venice, Pipino really incarnate the essence of the city, which “stole” from all around the world becoming one of the most important market place of the past. Venice with its
museums and galleries, with the elegant mansions of rich families, with the most luxurious hotels of the world, is the ideal arena for a thief. A city where Pipino ruled, knowing all its secrets and passing trough the dangerous roads above the city, the roofs, where a thief feels like home.

Mandat de distribution en co-production Storytellas, Italie

Auteur et réalisateur : Marco Silvestri

Genre : Découverte

Art of stealing art (l'art de piquer l'art)

Celles et ceux qui vont à la rencontre

CELLES ET CEUX QUI VONT A LA RENCONTRE est une série de portraits à hauteur d’hommes et de femmes…. qui ne sont pas des héros. Des portraits qui rendent compte à la fois des actions concrètes sur le terrain et qui explorent aussi, films après films, le parcours de vie, les cheminements personnels, individuels qui aboutissent à cette dynamique vivifiante de : consacrer une partie de leur vie au service des autres.

Série web-documentaire

Auteur : Antony Fayada et Didier Zuili

Réalisateur : Antony Fayada

Genre : Société

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